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Rail Connection

Chart with Mileage


Distances to


Major U.S.




Austin, TX

178 miles


Little Rock, AR

305 miles

Birmingham, AL

598 miles


Memphis, TN

446 miles

Dallas, TX

98 miles


New Orleans, LA

438 miles

Houston, TX

157 miles


Oklahoma City, OK

318 miles

Jackson, MS

364 miles


St. Louis, MO

717 miles

Kansas City, MO

557 miles


Chicago, IL

981 miles

San Antonio, TX 


257 miles


Lubbock, TX

426 miles

Local Map

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Market Access is easliy accomplished in Palestine.  U.S. 79, 84, 287, Texas 19, & 155 provide Palestine with the interconnectivity to all of Texas and the United States.

Regional Map

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PEDC Regional Map

National Map

Reach More MSA's From Palestine's Central Location

If your business needs acces to a majoirty of the MSA's in Texas, then Palestine is the location.  Most of the MSA's can be reached in 3 hours or less from Palestine. 

Rail Connection

Palestine is served by Union Pacific Railroad.  Palestine has an intesection of a north/south and east/west line.

As the premier business leadership organization, the Palestine Economic Development Corporation is here to attract, retain and grow businesses and jobs in the Palestine, Texas area.